Pinterest and Social Media

Amazing Pinterest Facts including Top Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

As a mom, former event planner and business woman, I L-O-V-E Pinterest. Did you know it’s also one of biggest traffic drivers to websites? My referral traffic alone on one pin is 400% what I get for any other page on my site. I love the visual quickness of being able to search for just about anything, get great party ideas, quick healthy recipes and get a particular stain out of my carpet in about .2 seconds. I tell all my web clients you MUST have a Pinterest board on your website. It’s such a draw.

25 Amazing Pinterest Facts

Pinterest and Social Media

1. Pinterest is now the third most popular social network (Tweet This)

2. Pinterest was the fastest social network to hit the 10 million visitor mark  (Tweet This)

3. Shoppers referred to a site from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy  (Tweet This)

4. Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels  (Tweet This)

5. Call-to-action pins increase Pinterest engagement by 80%  (Tweet This)

6. Tutorials, Guides and & DIY Pins see a 42% higher click through rate  (Tweet This)

7. Pins related to trending topics see an average of 94% increase in click throughs (Tweet This)

8. Pinterest has 85 million unique visitors each month (Tweet This)

9. 80% of Pinterest users are women, while 50% of all Pinterest users have children (Tweet This)

10. Total unique visitors to Pinterest has increased by 2,702.2% since May 2011 (Tweet This)

11. Over 80% of Pins are Repins (Tweet This)

12. The average Pinterest user has a household income over $100,000 (Tweet This)

13. The average order amount placed through Pinterest is $80 (Tweet This)

14. Pinterest reached 10 million users in 1/3 of the time it took Twitter to do the same (Tweet This)

15. The average US Pinterest user follows an average of 9 retailers on Pinterest (Tweet This)

16. 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies are on Pinterest (Tweet This)

17. Over 1/5 of Facebook users are on Pinterest (Tweet This)

18. Pinterest is the 16th most visited website in the United States (Tweet This)

19.  The main demographic of Pinterest users range between the ages of 25 and 34, followed closely by those who are aged 35 to 44 (Tweet This)

20. The most popular pin categories are crafts, recipes and quotes (Tweet This)

21. The average user will spend just over 15 minutes on Pinterest per visit (Tweet This)

22. Pinterest attracts 1,090 visitors per minute (Tweet This)

23. Pins which include prices receive 36% more likes than those which do not (Tweet This)

24. Users spend 4.5 more time on Pinterest than Linkedin (Tweet This)

25. Pinterest drives more revenue per click for eCommerce sites than Facebook or Twitter (Tweet This)

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Here are the 14 best Pinterest plugins for WordPress which will help you bring more traffic to your blog.

1. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This plugin will allow you to add a Pin It button to your posts, both above and below your content. This is a simple and unobtrusive way to add Pinterest to your blog.

2. DiggDigg

DiggDigg allows you to display a floating share bar on the side of your content featuring different social networks, as well as share buttons located above and below your content.

3. Pinterest Plugin

This plugin allows you to add a Pin It button to your individual images in your blog posts when your reader hovers over an image. The alt text of the image is used as the Pinterest description. You can view a demo of this plugin at its official website.

4. Pinterest Image Pin

The Pinterest Image Pin adds a Pin It button under each and every image in your blog posts, so that every image can be shared individually. What makes this plugin different from the others is that the button is displayed below the images, instead of hovering over the image.

5. Pinterest for Galleries

This plugin adds a Pin It button for your WordPress gallery, similar to how Pinterest Image Pin does. The one thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t work with the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

6. PinterestLightbox

This plugin brings together both Pinterest and the NextGEN Gallery.

7. Social Networks Auto-Poster

If you want to auto-post your WordPress blog to different social networks including Pinterest, this plugin is for you.

8. Pinterest “Follow” Button

When you have a lot of PInterest followers, it is more likely you will have repeat visitors to your blog. This is it is a good idea to encourage your blog readers to follow you in Pinterest, and this can be done by using the Pinterest “Follow” Button plugin. This plugin allows you to display a Pinterest follow button (you can choose from different styles) in your sidebar.

9. PinterestPinboard Widget

The PinterestPinboard Widget plugin allows you to display a selected number of recent pins from a specific user account. This is a simple and lightweight plugin that is very easy to use.

10. Pinterest RSS Widget

This plugin is similar to the PinterestPiboard Widget plugin, but it comes with more customization options as well as the option to add a Follow button below the images.

11. Ultimate Photo Widget

The Ultimate Photo Widget plugin allows you to display images from Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr and display them all together. A demo of this plugin is available by clicking here.

12. Top Pinned Posts

This is a premium plugin that allows you to display your posts that have gotten the most ‘pins’ in Pinterest.

13. WP Pinner

This is a plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress dashboard into a Pinterest account management. This plugin features posts like auto-pinning, scheduling, as well as auto-following other Pinterest users.

14. Pinterest Block

If you want to block certain posts and pages from your website from being pinned, this plugin is the solution. This plugin allows you to block certain posts or pages on an individual basis.


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