The best baby items to buy

Baby Essentials Guide – A Happy Mom’s Handy Tool Kit

The best baby items to buy

So you’re having a baby! Congratulations! I remember the  time I  found out we were expecting with my son and my brain went into overdrive. I’m a planner by nature and I LOVE to research.  I was very happy  I had 10 months (that’s right, they tell you 9, but it’s actually like 10) to plan for our new addition. Being a first time parent, you get a lot of advice. It’s hard to sort through what is helpful and what is the just extra stuff you’ll be storing in your attic in about 3 months.

Since it’s that season of life (lots of personal friends have either had babies or are pregnant) i’ve gotten the question “What do I ACTUALLY need?” a lot lately. Let’s just be honest. Most sites will give you lists and lists, but truly,  it’s hard to gauge what you will really use because all babies are different. You might be nursing or bottle feeding. You might have a good sleeper or one that needs some extra attention those first couple months. You might be on the go or be someone that never leaves the house, especially if you work from home.

When I sat down to make this list, I compiled the “things” I personally used and other mommy friends of mine swear by. I recommend these products based on my personal experience with them. That’s not to say you will like them, but I’ve tried to cut the fluff out and only give you the necessities. The want items I’m going to leave for a completely different blog at another time. 🙂

Wraps, Carriers, Slings, Oh My!

Boba Wrap Review

The Boba

I have to brag on this because my friend modeled for this shoot because she’s gorgeous enough to and because she loves it so much. This wrap was always on her and her little gal loved it. She always stayed so quiet and I was super impressed. We purchased the ERGO and loved it, but the 2nd time around, I’m gettin’ me a sling! Photo Credit: Andrea Wood Photography


Ergo Carrier Review

The Ergo

This was such a great investment and my little guy loved riding in this backpack. I hiked, I walked, I went shopping and it was so convenient. I liked that it didn’t have holes for his legs to go through. A lot of little ones have pudgy (squishy o’ so cute legs) and other carries tend to cut off circulation and hold their hips in a unnatural angle. I’m not poo-pooing other carriers, my preference was the ERGO after lots of research and then experimenting. I will say that the shoulder padding was an extra bonus!


Woombie ReviewThe Woombie ~ This is the winner hands down!

You can see a full review of my favorite swaddle The Woombie, here.

Diaper Travel Bag

Okkatots-Travel-Baby-Depot-Backpack-Bag-Red-FeaturesOkkatots Travel Diaper Bag – Full Review

Do you travel? Our family lives across the country and so we made a lot of plane trips in the first year. This backpack isn’t like any other diaper bag. I do not know what I would have done without it. Hands down, it is my favorite baby item we purchased. I recommended it to ANY friends who are pregnant and all of them who have purchased it, LOVE IT!

It’s got a compartment for everything! I mean everything! iPads, DVD player, phones, bottles, a cooler built in, diaper storage, elastic holders, etc.

A moms needs when traveling with an infant/toddler: Easy Access. Lots of pockets. Lots of compartments. Large enough for diapers, clothes, snacks, meals, bottles, toys – basically a mini suitcase. Easy to carry. Hands free.

Mom TipIf you sign up for Amazon MOM, it’s free shipping for the first 3 months! 

Baby Books

Ruby Loves Design Baby Book ReviewIt took me forever to find a baby book that was modern and that personalized for my son. This one on ETSY did the trick!

It comes with so many options and you customize the front cover. The designer is so easy to work with and she truly loves what she does. The $60 price tag might seem expensive to some, but because you can keep adding pages, this has last 3+ years for our family and I can’t wait to do it for our 2nd baby arriving soon.

Lotions, Creams, Powders & Diapers

Burt's Bee Baby Products

We loved the Burt’s Bees Line and Huggies Natural Diapers & Wipes. It’s a little more expensive (not much…cents! and we never experienced diaper rash or breakouts). Eczema runs in the family and so keeping it at bay was a major goal of mine. Luckily, these products served us well!

Burt’s Bee Diaper Ointment – creamy and thick and smells great! No irritation!

BB Diaper Dusting Powder – smells great and no irritant.

Lip Balm – As a new mom, I kept this handy in any diaper bag I had. Serves as a quick dry/chapped face ointment too!

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers – They retail for $24.99+tax at Target. Amazon’s deal is great!

Huggies Pure and Natural Wipes – Love these! Just don’t wipe faces with any baby wipe,  as they will cause dryness.

*Disclaimer: some affiliate links used in this blog

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