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Budget Date Nights

Life gets so busy! I found a great way to negate all of that is by planning budget date nights! After a long day of work, it’s sometimes hard to get creative and do something outside of your normal routine. I mean, when you both like PF Chang’s, why wouldn’t you go there every date night?

I encourage couples to step outside their comfort zones and try something new, at least once a month. If you’re not married and don’t have a significant other, you still need time for you! Take yourself on a date with some friends and reinvest in you! Have a great bundle of budget date nights friends!

Here are some quick fun budget date nights to kindle the romance + connect with your significant other!

Budget Date Nights

150+ Budget Date Nights ~ IN ORDER OF PRICE!

**UPDATED 10/2016

original post by Loiuse

Free (almost)

Dream Home Blue Print
Sketch out a blueprint of your dream house. Make of list of must-haves in your dream home (laundry chute, three car garage, spiral staircase, etc.) Check out this site for some ideas and make a Pinterest board for inspiration!
Anniversary Vacation
Have a milestone anniversary coming up? Sit down and plan the vacation you both want to take! Grab the laptop and go to town! Look for hotels, airfare, and attractions for your trip.
Where I’d like to Visit
Make a map of places you have been and want to go. Make a list of places and sites to see.
Hobby Love
Teach each other your favorite hobby
Build a fort and watch a movie
Grab all the blankets and pillows in the house and build an awesome fort. If possible, pull a blanket over the TV to make it really authentic!
Watch home videos
Embarrassing and fun, it’s a great way to bond.
Build out bucket list
Building one as a couple and as individuals. What on your list have you already accomplished?
Volunteer at the local shelter
It’s a great way to give back
Why I love you List
Make a very specific list of things you love about each other. Share lists over a glass of wine (our favorite under $20 wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon!)
Go on a picnic
Take food, wine, and a blanket to your favorite location and enjoy
Historic walking tour
Sometime we don’t appriciate the little things, like our town and it’s history. Don’t live in an historic town? Take a day trip out to a nearby town!
Watch stand-up comedy all night
Netflix has a ton of stand-up on it’s Instant. Laughing is a great way to bond!
Make a 5, 10, 15 year “basic” plan
I say basic because life doesn’t always go as planned but it could be fun to dream it out!
Rearrange a room.
Just for a change.
Play video games all night.
Battle it out or work together. Racing games are always a good choice!
Pajama party!
Pop some popcorn, make a pallet, and watch a cheesy show or movie.
Long drive to nowhere
Roll the windows down, turn up the music, and hold hands
Favorite childhood movie
Watch each other’s favorite movies from childhood. May have to get a VHS player 😉
Movie script
Mute your favorite TV show or movie and make up your own dialogue. 🙂
Start a new exercise routine. 
Head to a local park and catch a game!
Board Game tournament
Break out some old board games – think Guess Who, Life, Candy Land, Connect Four, Mancala, Jenga, or Battleship!
Morning date
Who said date night had to be at night?! Get up and cook a big breakfast together, then climb back into bed to eat it!
Have a marshmallow war
50 mellows each and may the best person win! 😉
Go for a hike or bike ride
Check out this site for trails near you!
Hit the courts
One-0n-one basketball game or play HORSE or Around the World
Kissing challenge
100 kisses in 3 hours! Careful with this one 😉
Snowing outside? Go build a snowman!
Don’t be skimpy! Grab the scarf, carrot, coal, and hat to make a cool looking snowman!
Play 20 questions
or use this list!
Grab a blanket and head outside to go star gazing
At home drive-in
Have a car with a DVD player in it? Put the seats down, make some popcorns and have a “drive-in” night. Laptops work too 😉
Test drive your dream car.
I mean I feel bad for “inconveniencing” the sales guy but hey, you can dream and you have to know if you’d like it for the future 😉
YouTube Date night
Spend time watching funny videos! This couple has a list already made for you to see (scroll to bottom of her post for the link)
Bubble bath, wine
…. need I say more 😉
Night time picnic
Cook a yummy meal and have a night time picnic. Candles and wine are a plus!
Bookstore Date
Head to the local bookstore and browse the books. Pick out a coffee table book and look through it together. Check out this Bookstore Date Challenge idea!! 
Grab your suit and find some water
Beach, lake, pool – your choice!
Read a book together
Read out loud together or read separately but read the same thing. Then discuss!
Go climb a tree
Really doesn’t need more explaining… 😉

Break out a deck of cards
Go Fish, poker, gin rummy, solitare….  

Under $20

Baking for others
Deliver cupcakes, cookies, etc to friends, family, or nursing home

Attend a festival
Greek, Italian, art, or music – check out a local festival.

Spa night at home
Grab the face mask and foot lotion. Enjoy pampering each other

Cookie bake-off
May the best baker win!

Make a time capsule. Get one here
Plan to open it in 10 years!

Go to a bar to watch a game
Eat, drink, and root for your team

Go bowling (includes free shoe rental + popcorn!)
Enjoy the junk food!

Go to a Flea Market

Water balloon fight — no more bleeding/sore fingers tieing these guys! And they work 🙂 
Have a water balloon fight with friends. Make it girls vs. boys, full on battle!

See a movie at the dollar theatre

Goodwill shopping spree
Go to a Goodwill or Thrift store and pick out one crazy item for the other person. $10 budget

Get up early and go eat brunch somewhere nice

Make a gift for someone else. 
Just because.

Flirty bar date
Go during happy hour and flirt mercilessly with your man! It’s sure to spark something 😉

Go to a driving range. 
For about $6-10 you can buy a bucket of golf balls and borrow a driver. It’s actually pretty fun!

Go to a shooting range
You can rent a gun and buy ammo. It’s a great way to blow off steam and it’s something different

Go to an outdoor concert
During the summer, there are a lot of places that offer free music. Grab the pups, some drinks, a blanket, and enjoy the show!

… need I say more?

“Let’s go fly a kite…” 
Grab your honey and head to the park to fly a kite 🙂

Release your inner child and break out a slip-n-slide!

Dessert only date

See what musical or play a local school is having and go check it out!
Support the arts!

Go play mini-golf 

Puzzle mania
Grab a 1,000 piece puzzle and settle in for the night

Batter up!
Go hits some baseballs at the batting cages

Make your own pizza – here is a pizza kit!

Garage sale spree
Get $20 out of the ATM – $10 a piece – and go around to garage sales and see who can get the best item/deal

Check out the local drive-in theatre
Old-school lovin’. This website has a list of theaters all over the country!

Play Twister.
For added fun: get spray paint and make an outdoors Twister

Fro-yo challenge
Go to your local frozen yogurt place but let your significant other make you a creation

Old school candy
If your city has an old General Store, head to the candy buckets and pick out some fun candies to try!

People watch
Head to the mall, grab a pretzel and people watch. Make up fun stories about their lives

Live near the beach or visiting soon? 
Head to the pier and get an ice cream cone!

Magazine dish
Grab a girly magazine and a magazine your man would like and read the cool articles to each other

Amazon Prime Streaming FREE!
Find a new TV series to watch together. It could become your weeknight date!

Head to the racetrack or drag strip.
It will get your adrenaline pumping!

Visit a historic location
Old battle ground, historic home, monument, or park. Some are free but don’t forget to leave a donation!
Go pick some fruit! 
Fall – check out an apple orchard. Spring/Summer – head to the strawberry field. Enjoy gathering some yummy fruit together!
Cheap-o date
Go to a fast food place but skip the drive thu and sit outside
Put together a model car
This will surely test your patience!!
Check out a small town nearby
Don’t plan the day, just get up and go!
Lights at the Zoo
Afterwards go get coffee/hot chocolate
Build a bonfire

Under $50

Fresh YOU MAKE A dinner
Head to the cooking class and make your dinner. Enjoy with a glass of wine!

Picasso night
Make a work of art for the house

Paint your own pottery
Check out a local shop and paint something for the house

Paint each other’s portrait

Go see a local band

Take a dance class
Swing, salsa, ballroom – just get up and get moving!

Nerf gun war anyone?
Bring nostalgia back! One person starts at the back door and the other at the front – game on!

Arcade fun
Head to the arcade and play a game of laser tag, ride go-carts, and eat pizza

Around the world in meals
Cook food from a country of choice and set the mood

Go play BINGO

Go wine tasting 
and buy a bottle of your favorite!

Go rock climbing

Ripley’s Believe It or Not
They are wicked fun!

Go tubing down the river

Check out the local museum

Find a local fair, carnival, or festival
Ride the Ferris wheel and eat all the yummy food

Head to the zoo 

Ice skating — check out local rinks for deals!
Find a local ice skating rink and drink some hot chocolate!

Rent a tandem bike or scooters and hit the park. 

Check out a kick-boxing class.
Get in a great work out and spend time doing something fun together – who can ask for anything more!!

Head to the aquarium or go deep sea fishing

Make home-made ice cream – Get an ice cream maker here

Under $100

White water rafting

Get a 60 minute couples massage 
Check out >>> Groupon for deals!

Food crawl
Eat your appetizer, entree, and dessert at different restaurants (don’t forget to leave a great tip if you have a great server!)

Go get a pedicure or facial

Rent a canoe or kayak and head down stream

Go horseback riding

Go play paintball 

Not up for horseback riding? What about a carriage ride?!

Hot summer day? Head to the water park!

Over $100 – for the splurge!

Spend the night at a Bed and Breakfast Groupon and Living Social sometimes have great deals!

Dinner at a fancy restaurant
Try Ruth ChrisMelting Pot, or something local of that nature. Don’t forget to get all dolled up!

Stay the night at a nice hotel or AirBnb!

Head out of town for a weekend get away

Get tickets to see your favorite band

Check out a pro-team game

Nothing says out-of-this-world date night like thowing your body out of a plane! 😉

Bungee jumping

Take a dinner cruise on the lake

Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
Do a quick search for locations near you or check this site out.

If you live near a cruise port, sometimes you can find great deals on weekend cruises!

Limo lovin’
Rent a limo for a few hours and ask the driver to just drive around. Bring some champagne, dress up real nice and enjoy!

Take a helicopter ride!

Go swimming with dolphins

Head out to an amusement park
Ride all the rides and eat all the yummy food. Maybe take a photo with one of the park’s characters!?

Up in the Air (price depending…) Recreate your first date or the night you got engagedHow romantic?

Price depending on your level of experience and access to equipment. Don’t forget to turn off your electronics and really enjoy nature

Pinterest craft night! 
Find a craft you both like/want to do and make it together

Learn together
Check out a local college and see if there is a one night class/session you’d both like to take together

Secret Agent Love 
You HAVE to check this out! It’s a great gift idea too!!

Pretend to be tourist
Do the things only tourists do in your town. It’ll give you a new appreciation for where you live!

Hire a photographer and update your photos! Keep them up-to-date and print them off! Find one locallyhere or here! Or you can message me on FB and I can find someone great for you!


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