The purpose of Work At Home Mom University® is to help moms cut time out of the learning curve when it comes to starting their own business while running a household. By cultivating a community of women who blog about everything from blogging basics, startup requirements, DIY tips, design and branding inspiration, this is meant to function as a work at home mom’s resource center! I hope to inspire and equip you in becoming a better mom and business owner!

With that in mind, I also established this mindset for my family. Because my efforts to run this website take time, I believe that it’s 100% okay for me to be paid in various ways for my time. To run an online business, there are costs many people don’t know about (servers, content creation, design and technology assistance…just to name a few!)

What does this mean for my readers?

There will be times when you read a blog post, click an advertisement on the sidebar or read about a particular tool or resource I like and have tested, that I will get a small commission from the brand I’m promoting. I also accept advertising on my blog’s sidebar (limited to vetted vendors) and use affiliate links on posts when they are available.

Basically all this does is say to you: Because I like this product and recommend it to you, I will sometimes (not always) get a few cents on the dollar if you choose to buy that product. Plain and simple.

Why is this site different?

Many Work at Home Mom sites are inundated with ads & sponsored content. Those sites often don’t allow moms to easily find the information they were looking for. They follow rabbit trails in hopes of answering a question they had, only to find they’ve just been redirected to another site.

I learned very quickly that just because I can make money from a product or brand, doesn’t mean I want to put my name on it and endorse it. No way! My value to my readers is that I want YOUR best interests represented first. Not the almighty dollar. If a product or tool doesn’t benefit you in some way as a mom or business wonder, I won’t post it! It also means if I don’t believe in the company or the product, there is no sell out magic number. It’s not going on the blog.

One thing I won’t do: I will not write sponsored post content that someone else paid me to post. Nope. If I write content on a resource or topic that promotes a brand, I will add affiliate links to the post, but nothing in that post will ever be asked to be included by the company. I want this community to thrive on equipping moms by genuinely helping one another the best ways I know how after years of running a business from home.

Final Thoughts
The Work at Home Mom University community is near and dear to my heart and I want each person who visits to be able to trust the content is not influenced by me making money. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine. I will always do my best to represent the readers’ interests!

Questions or Concerns?
If you ever have questions or concerns, please drop me an email. While I can’t be all things to all people, I want to live within the constraints of honesty and integrity. Because at the end of the day ladies, that’s what I want my business to be about!