Holiday Favorite things 2014

So last year, I wrote about MY favorite things because you know what? Sometimes moms need their own list. This year, because I now have two little ones, I decided I’d do a mixture. I’m also including favorites that will be gifts for other kids we’re gifting as well.

Cyber Monday is in full swing and so I better get to it! As you know, Amazon is my favorite place to shop. It 9 times out of 10 has the best deal, free shipping with amazon prime and you get to ship your gifts straight to you in 2 days (or to the people you want). They even gift wrap for a small fee. Being so far away from family, this helps cut down costs so I can spend more on a gift vs. shipping and fees!

A great gift idea is AMAZON PRIME! My husband and I are going on 5 years having it. I can’t say enough about it. I get everything from gifts, to diapers, to you name it, it’s on there. Plus, free 2-day shipping and low sales tax on most items is a winning combo for me.

To gift PRIME to someone you can click here: Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Instead of individually linking and talking about the items, I have included my Amazon store. The categories are on the right ( I have listed GIRLS, BOYS, FOR THE PARENTS, BABIES) as main topics. If you click those on the top right – hand side they’ll show you my favorites for each category!

These gifts are all items I would like to buy or am buying loved ones! 🙂 Happy Shopping everyone!

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