How to Add Instagram Image Galleries in WordPress

Adding Instagram to your Blog

Thanks to continuous improvements in blogging, Instagram image galleries can now be added in WordPress. A lot of bloggers as well as businesses and organizations make use of this service as a new way of connecting with their followers, fans, and customers. There are ways you can add Instagram feeds to your WordPress blog, but the easiest way to do so is to use a plugin.

Personally, I love a lot of these FREE plugins. I’ve featured two very different ones for audiences on both ends of the Instagram spectrum.

Instagram for WordPress Instagram Image Gallery allows you to display thumbnails of your photos or a full slideshow. This is set to default to be displayed in your recent feed, but you can also use this plugin and set it to display photos from a certain hashtag. You can use this plugin as a widget, or use a shortcode to add a gallery anywhere in your WordPress site.


Some of the features that come with this plugin are:
• Slideshow or grid mode
• Photo and widget borders
• Background text and colors

This plugin will be very useful if for example, your company is having an event, and you can use a hashtag for those images. Then, you use the plugin and set it to pull just that hashtag, so all the images will be displayed in your website.

Alpine Photo Tile Plugin

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram is another gem. I like the stylish way it allows you to format your photos. It’s a little more detailed if you want to get your photos looking a specific way, but it’s pretty fancy in my opinion.

Some of Alpine’s Features:
•Display Instagram images in a sidebar, post, or page
• Multiple styles to allow for customization
• Widget & shortcode options

Personally, I like the Alpine PhotoTile plugin for a more organic feel, but if you have a business brand and want something more structured, then Instagram Image gallery is great. There are many other plugins and I’ve included some more that you can check out here:

Simply Instagram

10 Top Instagram Plugins for WordPress

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