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4 Key Signs That It Is Time to Outsource

Asking for help!
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Work-at-home moms are known as experts in the area of multi-tasking. The vision of a juggler always pops into my head as I sit down to write. I currently have a 2-year olds hands reaching for a cereal box that is sure to fall off the counter in a matter of seconds. It’s what we do and who we are.

Basically, we run a massively important organization called “Family.” I like to think of myself as CEO, Head Chef, Director of Operations and On-Call just about every day. Earlier in my career I found myself trying to do everything. Paying  people do to something I could do seemed like a waste of money to me. That’s my Type A personality. I can figure that out.

What I learned: it’s not about figuring something out. You can be a Jane of all Trades, but master of none. Then, I got smart.


How the Big Guys Run It

How many big companies do you hear about where the CEO does all the work? Not often, unless it’s a startup company and you’ve got to be running on all cylinders. Working at that rate can’t last forever because you only have so much stamina (you are human even though we’re supermom too). Moms, we all understand that “Going to the Bathroom” takes on a whole new meaning now. Can I get an amen? Sometimes, we just need a minute and this includes family and business. Put more time into your day by taking out tasks that someone else can do.

For business, why don’t we think about hiring additional manpower when our businesses are expanding? For me, it was all about control and money. I’ve got my brand and my writing and my designs. No one else can do it like me. Some of that may be true, but there are lots of parts to running a business!

I’ve been there and I also wrote about it in a paragraph of my book A Work at Home Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Building a Business, Blog, and Brand.

Let’s Get Realistic

Things can get overwhelming very quickly. I believe that’s the best way to set yourself up for failure. I speak from experience! When you’re caught between a flurry of emails you need to respond to and tending to your family’s need, what gives?

How about neither one of them? One of my favorite quotes to support moms is this thinking:

Don’t trade what’s unique to you for something somebody else will do!

When is it time to outsource?

1. When you are acting like Ms. Know It All

No matter how flexible you are when it comes to your work and your family, there will come a time when you will have to let others do it. Instead of burying yourself in the attempt to do it on your own you might need to hire someone to do your bookkeeping (I stink at this!), go grocery shopping for you, or even manage your social media. I know, it seems extravagant, but WHY you do what you do is important to focus on. From there, you can have more time to do things that you are truly love and spend more time with those little ones!

2. When you dread a task, more than you anticipate it

I dread tax season. I get anxious just thinking about it. I realized quickly it was because it’s something that I can figure out, but I don’t like doing. Plus, it’s taxing (yes pun intended) on my creative mind. In a broader sense, it is a clear sign that you need to outsource some of your work when a specific tasks leaves you overwhelmed thinking about handling it. Hand it over to the experts and enjoy the day as you should have!

3. When it takes away from your WHY

Working from home is not all about spending time with your family 24/7, but it’s a HUGE piece of the pie. Another big piece is taking time for yourself and re-investing what you give to your family and business and taking time for you. I’m not really good at this, I never have been. You have to train yourself, just like you would for a marathon. Practice and train your mind to take time away from your computer. Go to the park with your kids without your iPhone or just turn it on Airplane mode so you don’t receive calls during a certain time. Our cut-off as a family is 6pm. Phones and computers down and it’s family time!

Drop some of those tasks that don’t benefit your WHY, YOU or your business.

4. When you just need a team

I’ll admit that I like working for myself and if I had the choice I probably would work on most of my tasks independently. It’s the mild introvert in me. But, when you have a team you can trust it makes a world of difference. Sometimes you’ll have to fire people and sometimes you’ll gain co-workers for life because it’s a serendipitous relationship made for the success! Build your team slowly and strategically. You will grow!


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