Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

This is a non-sponsors SIGMA Makeup Brush Review

I use sigma brushes and I love them. LOVE them. They’re part of my favorite things post from last year and even a year later, they’re still ranking as a favorite daily used item!

You can find simga brushes on Amazon for a great deal. Seems like a lot since you can buy a brush for 2-3 at the store, but trust me. These bad boys will out live, out blend and out contour all the others. I prefer them over Mac brushes even….yeah I said it!

Putting on some make up is not only for working moms who go out of their houses to work. Even stay-at-home moms need to keep their beauty regimen in tact to maintain self-confidence. Clearly, ask any woman if they own one or more than make-up brushes and you will surely get a yes for an answer.

Since we had a large population of women who patronize make-up brushes, we have come up with some tips on how you could clean these beauty items and make it useable for a longer time. So without further ado, let us go on with the cleaning steps:

Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

1. In a small glass, pour two parts water to one part cleanser ( I use my daily face wash, Purity, since it’s a makeup remover. Seemed simple enough) If you want to get fancy – and do this quickly this is the makeup brush cleaner I love.

*Start swirling the brush making sure that the only part to get wet is the bristles.

2. Starting at the base, massage the bristles between your fingers. Work it up to the tip.

3. It will take some time to get your make-up brushes all clean and tidy especially if you have put off this task for a long time. Just keep on swirling and massaging until the tips look white or tan again. Basically, so that it looks like it’s not the color of your makeup anymore. Be sure to get deep down because the makeup will go deep!

4. After that, dry your brushes by pressing it down on a dry towel.

5. Start re-shaping the brushes using your fingers.

6. Keep in mind to lay always your brushes flat so the water will not get into the handle as it can cause rust or deterioration of the brush.

Post Makeup Brush Cleaning

After cleaning your make up brushes, you might want to know some additional caring tips like the following:

* Eight hours are the ideal time frame to dry completely your brushes. I typically clean them at night and they’re good to go in the morning! 🙂

* Wash your make up brushes at least once a week (yeah…that’s the good people. I probably do it 2x a month if I’m honest) but….especially if you have sensitive skin to avoid any skin allergies it’s important!

* Fill in a small glass with rubbing alcohol. Dipping and swirling your brush in it will disinfect any lurking germs and bacteria on it.


Lisa’s Go-To Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaning 101
A quick tutorial on how to clean your makeup brushes, how often to clean them and why you should do it!
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