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Months of Toddler Project Ideas in One Place

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If you are a mom with young kids, Kiwi Crate is like having groceries delivered to your door. Kids like porjects. Sometimes, even in the age of Pinterest, I run out of ideas to entertain Jack. Let’s face it, you can only paint so many canvases! Kiwi crate is a wonderful kids and children’s craft shipment to you monthly. You can choose the age category or a specific theme  you’d like to do with your little ones.

It’s truly the “non-craft” moms lifesaver! They also make great gifts!

It’s back to school time for school kids, but those pre-k littles are still hanging out. The summer weather will quickly fade into Fall which means more indoor activities. Right now Kiwi Crate has a great deal (with free shipping!!) –  Save up to $20 on a new Kiwi Crate subscription (that’s 2 months free) plus free shipping!

What Is Kiwi Crate?

The founder is a mother of two who really wanted to encourage hands-on activities and creativity with her little ones. So, she created a community that has grown and now includes moms and parents of all ages that love to explore and create new things and share them with you.

How Does it Work?

What Are Some Example Projects?

How cool are these?!

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