Eco Dry Highlighters

My Favorite Pens, Highlighters + Journal

Nerd post alert! I hope I have some moms out there that are with me on this. I LOVE pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, crayons, you name it. If it’s an office supply, I’m a little geeky when it comes to the excitement I feel. When I was a little girl I use to love going to Staples. See, I warned you. I’m nerdy like that.

Because I write A LOT – I use old school journals, my old school-style planner and doodle pads, I’m constantly looking for the best flow, ink longevity and a highlighter that does not bleed through my papers. After years of searching, I think i’ve found a great dynamic duo when it comes to making notes and journaling. The best part is, they’re pretty cheap (as long as you keep them out of reach from grabby kid hands) you’ll be set. Keep these in your secret mom pen box. (What, no one else has one of those??) 🙂

The Eco Dry Highlighters

Eco Dry Highlighters

When I first started out, using a ‘wet’ highlighter was the pits. Most journal paper is fairly thin and it would either smudge my dried ink or bleed thru and then make that ripple effect on the paper after it gets wet. Ah nuts! These babies are beautifully made, they don’t smudge as seen in this picture credit by The Well Appointed Desk and you can write over the top of them easily. They aren’t waxy, glide easily, and do well on thin Bible paper. And the colors…oh the colors. It makes my creative heart happy.



I found mine on Amazon here.71jlLTe4h+L._SY355_

You can buy them here or search around for different brands you like that are of similar quality. This also came with a free sharpener. I love freebies! 🙂

Finding a Journaling or Reading Pen

When I talk about pens, it comes from a place of complete ignorance. Meaning, I just like the way they run on the paper or feel when I write. I couldn’t tell you specifics with ink quality, although I do know the ones I like are archival ink (meaning they’ll last until end times or something like that.)

Sakura 30062 6-Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black

I tend to like a gel pen if I get a rollerball type pen and in a crunchm I use Uniball Stick Pens, but usually only use those only for note making on a post-it, lunch, or something quick. Those are the good ones that you throw in your purse and always have handy to sign a check.

The pens I like for journaling are called 6-Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pens. I get them in color: Black. I use them for note taking while I’m reading different books and journaling. They are defined in the tip point and I like that they last for a long time. This set has varying points so you can get a thicker stroke vs an ultra fine. It’s a great blend to find which point you like.

I’ve had them for years and have never run out of ink! They are a heavier ink so on ultra thin (Bible-Type) paper, they wouldn’t be a fit, but they’re my go-to journaling pens.

The Journal

Moleskin Journal, LinedI use to like heavily leathered journals, but then those got so bulky, I had to go in search of a new one. I like moleskin journals. Why? Because they are plain jane. They are solely for creating and writing and there is no distraction to them. I refused for years to pay money for a plain journal like that because I thought it was a waste. Nope! They’re the real deal.

Moleskin Journal Lined

You can find them at Barnes and Noble, but the best price I’ve found is Amazon (of course, it’s my go to!) I have them in black and also in Navy blue, but the colors they have are great too. I usually pick up a 3-pack because I like splitting up my journaling when I read different books.

Moleskin Set of 3 Journals Lined

Okay ladies! There ya go! Those are my favorite from the desk of a work at home mom (pens, highlighters, and journals).

Hope this helps you as you hunt for your favorites!

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