2013 Favorites List

My Favorite Things 2013

This year seemed to fly by with lots going on and I wanted to recap some of my favorite things that I use on a daily basis for my business and my home and as a mom. You’ll find recommendations for business organization, makeup essentials and household cleaners all packed into this blog. I know, right…I’ll try to make it fun and not overwhelming.

Let’s begin!

Household Items

Better Life Cleaning Products

Where do I start? As a mom, I’m really concerned about what products I keep in my home and up until recently purchasing the Shark Tank Kit from Better Life cleaning, I was stuck using vinegar (which doesn’t smell all that great) and toxic chemicals that I always struggled with using. I have tried Seventh Generation, lots of organic products on the market, green products and NOTHING was working. My biggest issue was lots of green products have big promises but they don’t clean well. After watching Shark Tank one night and seeing the bacteria demonstration, I was sold. Hopped online and bought a pack to try out. I don’t rave about a lot of things but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these products. We bought the Shark Kit and some extras I wanted to try.

Here are the ones I own:

what-EVER! Spray – I use this on my countertops, floors, shower, etc. and letting it sit for about 20 seconds allows me to clean up baked on products with a paper towel. No scrubbing! The smell is nice when you first spray it, but doesn’t linger, which for me is a plus. They have a glass spray, but I used this and it didn’t streak or leave marks.

Kitchen Sink – I used this on our basin stainless sink and it made it look brand new. I used a scrub sponge with it after our big Thanksgiving dinner cleanup!

Dish it Out – Bubbles and cleans dishes just as good as any cleaner on the market, but it’s green

2am Cleaner – You could probably be safe with the what-EVER! spray, but figured I’d keep a smaller bottle in our nursery when our 2nd one arrives 🙂

Simply Floored – a great cleaner for your floors, but also your wood products! We used this on our hardwood table to clean it and it sparkled.

Cool Calm Collected Lotion – this lotion smells calming and can be used on hands, body and face because it’s so gentle.



Coming in at the top for me because of how much it’s changed my cravings for sugar, Frappacino Starbucks runs and sweet tooth temptations, this guy! It’s amazing and if you think i’m just “selling” it, take a look at this before and after, and then shoot me a message. This year has been so much more than just drinking a shake. It’s been life changing in so many great ways! And yes, i’m still drinking it while I’m pregnant. No more prenatal pills to gag down! Shakeology is the bomb and tastes too good to actually be good for you….but it is!

And if my endorsement of it isn’t enough, the Queen of Favorite Things Oprah and O Magazine had a full spread in May 2011.


Before this year, I had taught myself to do my makeup and while I think I did an okay job, I’m always wanting the faster, quicker, better way to do something. When you’re a mom, you don’t have a lot of time and so in between work and child wrangling I stumbled upon Jaclyn Hill.

Let me tell you. This girl is awesome sauce! She’s a self-taught makeup artist and her videos are hilarious and so helpful. It changed my entire makeup routine and honestly, if you’re looking for great tips that you can modify as a mom, this is your girl. It’s my best kept secret, even though she’s got over 500K Youtube followers. My secret hope is she’ll read this one day and do a video for my MOMS! She’s covered everything from face wash, fake eyelashes, sunless tanners, bronzers, lip glosses, foundations for different skin types, to countering videos and so much more!

Jaclyn Hill Makeup Artist You can follow her here on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Isn’t she cute?




I’m obsessed with Sigma Beauty brushes. I really struggled for a long time spending money on good brushes and I don’t know why I waited so long. My makeup goes on completely different and it’s amazing what you can do with a brush that’s created for a specific purpose. So without further ado…They have included a coupon code for the month of December if you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts!

Sigma Beauty December Promo

Sigma Beauty – these brushes are cheaper than Mac brushes and are equivalent in quality, if not better in my opinion.

F80 Flat Kabuki – Favorite foundation application brush! Flawless , no streaks!
E25 Blending Brush – Great for the crease when doing your eyeshadow and need a darker pigment – blends beautifully!
E55 Shading Brush – For the eyelids & grabs so much pigment and I use it daily on my eyelids. This is by far my most favorite brush of the bunch.
F25 Tapered Face – Great for highlighting with powders!
The Essentials Kit – If you’re looking to try these brushes out, this is the kit I purchased first!


Face/Eyes/Lips – I shop at Sephora because it’s usually the cheapest. If not, the link is connected below.

Argan OilJosie Maran Argan Oil – I know…it’s oil, so most people shy away from this stuff. All I know is I’m going to have to take out a loan because of all the products I want to buy of hers. It’s organic and absorbs into my combination skin like nothing else. I don’t wake up oily, dry, patchy or tight. My face had to acclimate for about 2 days to the newness of it, but I have nothing but great things to say. I use it as my moisturize before makeup and I can use less foundation. I also use it as my night moisturizer.

s407304-main-Lhero Philosophy.com Purity Facewash – Best face wash & makeup remover ever.






Stila Cosmetics ~ In the Light Palette – just get it. I can’t even talk about it. So pigmented. Beautiful color choices. It’s my favorite palette eyeshadow right now.

ELF 3-piece Holiday SetELF Holiday Lip Gloss pack – not uber gooey and glittery. I use a mixture of these over a nude lipstick for a nice natural holiday pucker. You can find it at Target for $6!




banner3Quote Roller – Hands down best proposal and quote creator I have used…and I have searched!

Rafflecopter – run a giveaway on your site, Facebook or wherever you please! Love this system. It’s super easy to use, relatively cheap and a great lead collector!

PicMonkey.com – You can read more about it on this blog. LOVE this online collage and photo creator!



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