simple tips to finding your passion

Passion for Working from Home

simple tips to finding your passion

A lot of people dream about spending their day doing something they love, or getting a job where their hobby is what they need to do, like professional bloggers for instance. Your dream job may not be easy to find, but it is definitely out there! The key is to find what your passion is, and this is very different from simply just what you’re interested in.

How to Kill your Work at Home Business

Write about something only you are just interested in; it’s the fastest way to kill your blog. Why? Because if you’re just interested in it and you’re not passionate about it, you will eventually lose interest and you won’t be able to write about it consistently.

Sustaining a blog and coming up with a regular stream of original content is not easy to say the least. It’s even harder if you don’t love what you’re writing about. Your readers will also pick up on the fact that you’re not really passionate about what you’re writing about and become disinterested with your blog altogether.

It’s not mandatory nor is it a 100% guaranteed method, but in order for your blog to succeed, you need to love what you’re blogging about. Why? Because there is so much information out there these days, and if it’s not authentically you and something that oozes a genuine interest, people move on…and quick!

The Difference of Passion and Interest

There is a big difference between passion and interest. You’ll find plenty of blogs about a certain interest of theirs and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. You’ll also find plenty of Work at Home Mom opportunities that promise big things, but aren’t a passion for you. Don’t get swayed to do something you’re only interested in making money at…because in about a year, you’ll be burnt out and tired of it.

Build and invest long term!

A lot of people are interested about different things – making money, a debt-free life, healthy recipes, and a ton of other things. If you’re simply interested in these things but you’re not passionate about them, your blog will eventually die out.

However, when you blog about something that you are passionate about, you don’t stop learning about it, and sharing these new discoveries with others. There’s just no end to how much you can learn, and therefore there’s no end to what you can blog about it. See the difference?

What Are Your Dreams?

The key is to figure out what you are passionate about. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

• What activity do you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time?
• If you had a whole week at your disposal, what activity would you do?
• If you were given the opportunity to teach a class on something, what would it be?
• If you were given $5,000 and asked to spend it on something fun for yourself, what would it be?
• What would your ultimate dream job be?
• If money was not an issue, what do you see yourself doing?
• What do you talk about to your friends that they often tell you that you’ve already told them about it?

What happens when you already have a business? Do you need to re-find your passion for it?

You’ll know you need to do so when:

• Work feels like a burden
• You’re thinking about starting a new business
• You’re considering letting go of your business
• You get distracted easily when on the computer
• You find your posts repeating, just in different words

So what would happen if you did decide to just start over? Well, it will be hard work all over again. So, make sure you’re willing to give up what you’ve put into it. And if that’s what you decide…awesome!  You’re a step further than where you were the last time.

Think about doing what you love instead of what you have to do, there’s a big difference. Doing so will definitely add more fun into your everyday life, and help you become a successful mompreneur in the process.

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