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Hey Mamas! Welcome to the start of something pretty cool.

This site was designed just for you. I’m a no-fluff kinda gal with a toddler, a business, a family life and 2 crazy dogs.

You’ll find how to LIVE you life, RAISE a family, DWELL at home, MANAGE a team, LEARN the basics (about blogging) and BUILD a business.

A Martha Stewart meets Mompreneur kind of site, without the lofty expectations of immaculate houses (mine is not!) or beautifully styled playrooms that never get used. We can’t be Martha Stewart. This is true to life stuff that you can actually accomplish without feeling the comparison trap of Pinterest projects and DIY tasks. Quite the opposite. I want you to feel empowered to take little steps to building your dreams for your family & your life. This is a journey and a good friend once taught me about progress not perfection.

THAT is what Work at Home Mom University is about.

Marcia FamilyI once was you. Starting out. Learning the ropes of business ownership. Being a mom, you’re always on a learning curve, so on that front, we’re all in this together!

Basically, Work at Home Mom University is less about being “studied” and more a quick tips, how-to, community – the kind that never existed for me when I was building my business. This is my gift to other moms who desire to pursue a passion of theirs, but don’t know how to get it off the ground. On top of that, because it took so much work, I never took time for myself.

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The Basics for Business

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The site is divided up into categories that all work together, but I understand if you’re looking for simple recipes or just organization tools too. Our top navigation menu allows you to view posts solely in specific categories and are color coded for simplicity.

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