The 10-Day Mom Challenge

In my personal life I had to make changes that impacted me as a mom. Investment is crucial since you are one of your family’s biggest assets. Do you ever think about the fact that you run a home + if you also work from home then you are doing double duty? Sit and digest that for a second. It’s a lot to manage! Investment can come in lots of ways. Pedicures, a hot bath with a glass of wine, a night out with girlfriends, or even scheduling time daily for you!

When I finally made the decision to start focusing more on ME (after a horribly stressful job, 25 pound weight gain, and high blood pressure) I became a participant  in a friend’s 10-day challenge. I trusted WHO she was and WHAT she was about. She oozed enthusiasm and knew her stuff. Plus…she was a mom of 3 and I knew if she could do it, I could figure it out with her help!

Before and After

This picture is right after my first son was born (don’t my husband and I look like exhausted 1st time parents?!) I had gained 65 pounds! I had a hard time sleeping, breathing and just feeling confident at all, for a very long time! I also had a C-section and our son had a 10-day NICU stay, which made my journey an extended one since I had to wait to heal a little longer than other women.

Being super independent (not a group-type gal) I was skeptical that other women encouraging me would REALLY impact me and help make sustainable changes in my daily life. Everyday I was a little more excited and a little more intrigued about the motivation and inspiration that came from moms, just like me, walking the same road that I was. It was empowering. I took me back way old school when the Spice Girls would yell “Girl Power!” Not in the feminist sense and more along the lines of “Hey, we’re all women and we’ve all got things in common whether we know one another or not. We’re here for each other and excited about making these changes together!” That’s when change began to happen for me.

It wasn’t a miracle 10-day group. I didn’t lose 10 pounds or drop a pant size. Nope. But I gained confidence again in who I was as a mom, a wife, and more importantly as a woman. Taking steps towards continuing that journey is really when I saw inches and pounds drop off, but the importance of your mindset, sets the stage for how successful you will be to keep those inches and pounds from coming back. Really, that’s the goal, right?

Constantly striving towards a bikini season or a pair of jeans (short term goals) left me back at square one when the goal was reached and things went “back to normal.” When I changed HOW I thought about myself, how I thought about my fitness and nutritional goals for me and my family, my perspective changed and gave me my WHY.

I run a 10-Day group each month to encourage other moms to take ME TIME! The investment is a small fraction of the value you’ll get to make positive steps towards bigger dreams. Fitness and nutrition. No fancy pantsy meals or  fad diets. This 10-day was the jumpstart that changed my life, my family’s life and I’m the better for it!

What Comes With a 10-Day Challenge?
  • 10 Days of Shakeology (free shipping) – the meal I swear by!
  • An AWESOME (and easy!) meal plan
  • A private Facebook group for constant support, accountability and encouragement
  • PERSONAL coaching by me and other fitness coaches who are veterans in the nutrition arena ~  including workout and nutrition guidance
  • Daily motivational messages – I mean, who doesn’t love a positive pick-me-up?
Interested in joining me for 10-days?
Drop me a line and I’d love to chat with you about your goals! Or find me on Facebook!