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It’s Tuesday. Countdown to the weekend for me at this point. Except my weekend includes my husband being in the studio and so our weekend will be shorter this time around. We prepped for this as a family, but the load doesn’t necessarily lighten just because we prepped with demands of kiddos, tiredness, and my business’ deadlines. I could post a nice pic of me and the boys playing…which will probably happen at some point because we do have fun. But, the realness of our reality set in today. So, after months of talking through my own frustrations about what social media has become, I decided to take to pen, rather Macbook Air, and make a plan to counteract this culture of insecurity and FOMO we’ve created.  I created a hashtag (#truelifetuesdays) and am hoping we take back social media for a day. Ready to join the movement?

The Goal of True Life Tuesdays

A glimpse of reality; encouraging others to share the truth behind the photoshopped snapshot of their life. Helping people know they’re not alone, not failing to take hold of the best parts of life, not, not living as ‘good’ of a life as someone else — based on a quick pic they see in their feed for 2 seconds.

Why Do All Of This?

I want to always seek TRUTH. We all would say we do, but I don’t think that’s true. Now, that’s the hard truth.

I think we all want to be known. That’s the other truth. And part of social media is being known how we think other people want to know us. We clean everything up, make it pretty and post away. It’s who we really are….errr….who I wish I was…ehhh….who I want people to see me as. Yep. The last statement is the winner. So we cross our fingers, press post, and hope we made the picture awesome enough to get the ‘likes’ or double-taps from the right people we desire.

Being a mom is tough. Being a parent is tough…let’s not omit the hard working Daddy’s out there. Being a social media professional I’ve gotten the full behind the scenes tour of what life can be, and what’s actually being presented. I think it’s why I’ll randomly take a selfie with no makeup or a picture of my dishes and let people inside the realness of my life.

Maybe it’s a result of the comments like “You’re calm, you’re organized, you have it all together..” *enter my notorious eye roll* Honestly, the physical feeling it gives me when someone says that to me is a wave of anxiety. Never do I want to be seen as unrelatable. Never do I want to give the impression I’ve got it going on and somehow, I’ve managed the balance of life, kids, marriage, spiritual pursuits and business. Lord have mercy the day I say “I’ve got it all figured out folks! Come, follow me.”

So, True Life Tuesdays came out of pursuit of realness; Of taking back the platforms that we choose to allow to rule our insecurities and repurpose the power of the machine to our heart and soul benefit.

True Life Tuesdays – Social Experiment

1. Take a photo like you normally would & edit to your hearts desire.

2. Post your regular Instagram-worthy photo.

3. In the comments share WHAT WAS REALLY HAPPENING and #truelifetuesdays (yeah, I know I forgot the ‘S’ in my photo above – shucks)

4. Share, repost or comment on 1 other #truelifetuesdays post to encourage someone else in their day

5. That’s it!

So, What’s Happening in Your Photo You Ask?

You might think I was enjoying a relaxing morning sipping coffee from my vintage blue mason jar while enjoy the sunrise (I don’t know if you actually though that but it sounded nice as the truth of my reality was swirling around me this morning.

TRUTH: I was downing my – still homemade, but way less sexy once you read the rest of this sentence – iced coffee as fast as possible while my 15 week old fussed in his exersaucer, my 3 year old Jack whined for more breakfast & was begging to watch something about ‘Blade in the movie Planes Fire and Resuce’ for about the 1000th time. This was after I was woken up 5x last night, Steve was rushing out the door and I was trying to figure out how to get the sleep outta my eyes. I was thinking about how I didn’t get my workout in at the scheduled 6am call time and the coffee was luke warm because our ice machine decided to not make ice this am. The coffee was to compensate for the lack of sleep I’ve had the last 3 nights. Do you know I use to drink coffee for the taste?

Now GO!

Share, repost and use the tag #truelifetuesdays


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