Why I Wrote the Book

WAHM Ultimate Guide Why Did I Write the Book?

I’m passionate about what I do and I think a lot of women are. Then, we become moms and our focus has to shift. The reason (kids) is worth the focus shift. But often times, our other passions get put to the side and never again taken off the shelf.

A designer. A wordsmith. An artist. A cook. There are so many talents and gifts given to women and raising kids is the most important. No qualms about that! I love being a mom. I also love to design and write. So how do we make that happen? That’s the “why” of writing this book. For moms, by a fellow mom.

Why is a good Work at Home Mom Community hard to find?

My personal opinion? Competition. Competition among women leads to isolation and insecurities. We all think we have to be like her, look like her, parent like her, run a business like her. Who is she? That women doesn’t really exist. It’s a nice facade, but it’s not 100% real.

Supporting one another improves communities & relationships! Don’t we all just want to be known, understood and appreciated? I think that’s a given for every human being. Our talents and passions are part of that. Taking my knowledge of the design world & blending it with a DIY conversational tone, this book aims to help current and aspiring Work at Home Moms take the taboo out of being a “mom who works” and blends that with a desire to help other women achieve success in the home, doing what they love – raising their kids and fueling their passions for a specific market.

What’s Included:

This might sound sales-pitchy, but I don’t care. This was written by me, personally, and I want to be like a friend sitting in your kitchen talking through this stuff. The great part is I don’t have to, it’s all in the book.

As a mom, your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve written this book! It cuts out the extra hours of information gathering in a collective how-to and resource guide just for moms!There is always a learning curve when you start something new and there are lots websites with great information. But, you can literally spend thousands of hours searching for information!Written by fellow work-at-home mom Lisa Marcia, this book compiles years of experience in the design and blogging industry & provides moms with the information they need to start their business, build their blog, and create a kick-butt brand!Packed full of resources that mom entrepreneurs use daily including tricks of the trade, questions to ask your designer, how-to save money, and lots of DIY resources to get your started!

This is a resource guide for every MOM should own!

A glimpse of what is covered:

1// Building your Blog or Website // Learn the lingo of WordPress (plugins, pages, hosting, domain, posts, and more), harness the power of plugins, and find trusted vendors and quality themes.

2// Designing for your Business // Learn how to choose a designer (I even provide a list of quality designers who are moms too!), how to communicate your needs to your designer, and more.

3// Branding Basics for your business // Learn what your market is and how to position your brand for success.

4// Outsourcing // Learn how to be more productive by delegating tasks.

5// Income opportunities // Learn about active and passive income opportunities (no get-rich-quick schemes here!)

A Little About Me

Lisa-selfie Oh, what to say. A recovering introvert ( I thought I was a dysfunctional extrovert all these years), who wants to teach people without lecturing or needing to pontificate about geeky tech stuff. So, I write.

Writing is where my thoughts are most easily understood and clearly displayed. I like to talk, but not small talk – that stuff freaks me out.  I’m not shy, but I won’t engage a large room unless forced to share in the age old extrovert introduction tradition that goes like this:

“Hi, I’m Lisa. I like pickles, hate doing laundry, and good food is my love language. I’m a wife, mom and opinionated, talkative, introvert that loves people, but trusts few.” Is that honest enough? 🙂

I started designing on the side about 5 years ago when I was working a full-time job as a Fundraising Director at a University in California.  I taught myself everything. It was an interest, so I just dove in. My marketing training took over and I formed a business called The Little Mustard Seed Co. after a cross-country move to Georgia propelled me into mommy-hood and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Since then, my clients range from small businesses to large corporations in the US and Canada.

Then I wrote a book.

It’s a shameless plug for myself as an author and here is the link to purchase it. I’m just putting it out there.


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